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May love be what you remember most.

- Darcie Sims

I believe that funerals are incredibly important.  After all, the funeral is your opportunity to say goodbye to your loved one and often feels like your last tangible contact with that person.

I feel that, rather than being formulaic, funerals should centre around the person who has died and encapsulate their personality, character, achievements and connection to others.  A funeral provides us with an opportunity to express our loss while honouring someone’s very existence.

And in doing so, we recognise their legacy.

In order to create a funeral that is truly person-centred, I start each arrangement with a blank page and an open mind.

Then I listen.

I want to get to know the person and understand what is important to them and those closest to them.

Understanding what is important enables me to guide you through the options available without overwhelming you.

I listen and I give you time and, together, we create a ceremony that feels right for you.

I am completely flexible in my approach, enabling you to take on as much, or as little, of the arrangements yourself.  I know that some people find it helpful to keep busy and would like to undertake some of the practical tasks themselves, whereas others can’t face the thought of this and prefer me to make the arrangements.  I will tailor my support in accordance with your wishes.

I do not offer pre-set funeral packages, or a bespoke option, as I consider each of our funerals to be bespoke and whether you would prefer a funeral that is traditional, religious, green, modern, humanist, or one which contains various elements of these, we will ensure that you have a farewell that is perfect for you.

Creating each funeral individually means that you only pay for the things you want and you are not charged for things you don’t, for example, a vehicle you do not need or a particular type of coffin you would not ordinarily choose.

You may wish to use your own vehicles, or to choose from the many alternatives to a traditional hearse.  You may want to push the boat out on flowers if the person who died loved flowers or, if they were a keen gardener, you may choose to use flowers picked from their garden.  Members of the family or friends may want to carry the coffin or take the ceremony. 

All of these choices and many more are absolutely fine and I will always encourage you to do what is right for you.

It may be that you want the choices you make to be as environmentally friendly as possible and I can help you to do that.

As I work hand in hand with you, you are free to source items yourself if you wish to or allow me to do it for you. 

With the exception of coffins, urns and keepsakes, the price from the provider is the price you pay. I do not add a mark up value to these whatsoever.  This includes vehicles, personnel on the day of the funeral, flowers, catering or anything else you may choose to personalise the ceremony.

Funeral affordability is incredibly important to me and I work within your budget to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the costs involved. 

I believe passionately that funerals do not have to cost more to mean more and can guide you in ways to make a ceremony more personal and meaningful, without costing the earth.

Some of the most beautiful funerals I have arranged have been the most inexpensive and I believe it is the love, attention and creativity that goes in to them that makes them so special.

The most important thing is that you feel connected to the ceremony as this way, the funeral can actually provide a positive step in your grief journey.

This is why I care hugely about getting it right.

Whether someone you know is dying or has died, or you wish to plan ahead for your own funeral and my approach to funeral planning sounds like what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to give me a call.


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