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In order to be open and transparent about pricing, costs are displayed here to enable you to create a funeral service that is comfortably within your budget.

By not offering funeral packages, you can be confident you are only paying for the items you choose and are not charged for things which you do not feel are necessary.

I feel that charging a fee reflective of the level of service I provide and charging other items ‘at cost’ supports my ethos of transparent pricing.

Therefore, the total cost of the funeral will be made up of:

My Professional Fee

Third Party Costs - also known as Disbursements, these are fees which are required by third parties, such as the crematorium, the church and doctors. These costs are set by the provider and we ask that they are paid prior to the funeral.

Your choices - these are items which are necessary for the funeral or which you feel are important in creating the ceremony you want.

Professional fee


This price is fully inclusive of my dedicated involvement and support from first contact to the day of the funeral and beyond. It includes all phone calls, video calls, emails, meetings and visits and all liaison with third parties and providers and completion of all necessary paperwork.

It also includes bringing your loved one in to care or supporting you to care for them at home and our presence on the day of the funeral itself.

You can then be assured of our continued support as you begin to come to terms with your loss.

Third party costs

Doctors Fees (if applicable)   £164 (£82 per doctor)
Two doctors are required to complete Cremation Forms 4&5

Cremation fees

York Crematorium   £895

Harrogate Crematorium   £886

Scarborough Crematorium   £830 (attended)
£549 (unattended and take place at 8.30am & 8.45am)


York Cemetery   £1,945
New, single plot

Fulford Cemetery   £1,671
New, single plot

Harrogate Cemetery   £3,023
New, single plot for non- Harrogate resident

Natural Burial Grounds

Fulford Green Burial Ground   £1,030
Adjoining Fulford Cemetery, York                                                                          

Mowthorpe Gardens of Rest   £1,300
Located in Terrington, York

Southfield Lane Natural Burial Ground   £1,650
Located in Rufforth With Knapton

Tarn Wood Memorial Woodland   £2,235
Located in Skipton

Alternative Venues

Ceremony at White Sykes Fields, Sand Hutton
Exclusive use of the site from 9am to 7pm  £790 (weekdays)                      
£875 (weekends)

Ceremony at York Barn, Wigginton
To have exclusive use of the site from 9am to 5pm   £770 (weekdays)
To have exclusive use of the site for 4 hours   £500 (weekdays)

Your Choices


Pall bearers   £130 
4 professional bearers

Or you may prefer for family and friends to carry the coffin or have a combination of both.

Celebrant   £190 (on average)

Most people choose to have someone officiate the funeral ceremony and your choice will depend on the type of service you want and its content.  If the service is in a religious building, the minister or religious leader will generally perform the service.

If the service is to be held at the crematorium or another venue, you may prefer to have a civil celebrant or humanist lead the service.  We know a number of wonderful celebrants and will always try to suggest one who we feel will deliver the service you want.

Alternatively, family and friends can construct and perform the service entirely themselves.


As funerals have become increasingly creative in recent years, so has the variation in coffin design.  From the traditional to the colourful and those for the environmentally conscious, there is a coffin (or shroud) to suit.


Wood Effect coffins

From £280


Solid Wood coffins

From £400


Colourful coffins

From £420


Naturally Woven coffins

From £370


Cardboard coffins

From £300


Woollen coffins

From £760


Bellacouche Leafcocoon

From £885

Urns & Ashes Caskets

Similarly, there is extensive choice when it comes to urns and ashes containers and I will guide you through those which are most appropriate to how you wish to keep or distribute your loved one’s ashes.



From £25



From £50



From £65



From £160



From £60


There are many choices of hearse and family cars available for you to choose from.  Alternatively, you are free to use your own vehicle if it will accommodate the dimensions of the coffin and family and friends may prefer to travel in their own cars.

We have included some prices as a guide.


Traditional black hearse

Price From £190


Defender Hearse

Price From £795


Motorcycle Hearse

Price From £815


Horse drawn hearse

Price From £500

VW campervan hearse

VW Campervan

Price From £839


Traditionally, floral arrangements have been used to top the coffin and, again, you can choose from traditional styles and lettering to a more natural arrangement. I have sourced a number of amazing florists who can create an arrangement of your choice or work with you to create something completely unique.

If you wish to be environmentally friendly, I can recommend local florists and flower growers who provide British grown-not flown flowers for a stunning, seasonal arrangement. They can also create arrangements from flowers picked from your garden or guide you to do this.

Living wreaths and dried flowers are a popular alternative and these can be returned to you after the ceremony as a memorial keepsake.

However, you are not restricted to using flowers to adorn the coffin and I will always encourage you to be as creative as you want. You may prefer something which reflects the individual who has died, perhaps something they have made or are known for or in line with a hobby they enjoyed. This can be a lovely way to represent the individual and create a feeling of them being present.



If you require refreshments for your funeral tea or wake, we can recommend some excellent local caterers according to your taste and budget.

This can be as simple or extravagant as you wish.

Alternatively, you may wish to ask those attending to prepare a dish and bring it along.  This can create a wonderful sense of inclusion and allows guests to feel that they have contributed to the farewell.

We will always encourage you to consider your budget and can make many creative suggestions for a meaningful and beautiful farewell which do not have to cost much at all.

Overall, we will support you to make choices which are right for you and your loved one(s) and work with you to create a ceremony which truly honours the person who has died and the life they have lived.



There are many beautiful items available which can hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes or which can be created from their ashes or their fingerprint.  These are designed to help to help you feel connected and close to your loved one or can be given as gifts to family members or close friends.


Heart Keepsakes


Fingerprint Jewellery


Keepsake Pendants


Glass Keepsakes

It is important to remember that these are just some of the choices available and I have included them simply to give you options.  I will never tell you what choices you should make or steer you in a particular direction. 

I will always encourage you to consider your budget and can make many creative suggestions for a meaningful and beautiful farewell which do not have to cost a lot or are completely free.

Overall, I will support you to make choices which are right for you and your loved one(s) and work with you to create a ceremony which truly honours the person who has died and the unique life they have lived.